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Thank you so much for visiting my website. It is an honor to have you here! Feel free to check out my music offerings and such in the Store, and also feel free to contact me via the stuff mentioned on the Links page. More info about me is available on the About page. I'm sure all of those will be expanded at some point. :)

Again, thank you for stopping by, and I hope to see you soon! Until then, take care, and enjoy music and life!

A huge thank you to our friends at Equestria Daily for featuring my song “Brohoof”! :)

Also, our friends at Contact Caffeine Soap have offered us a discount on all of their awesome caffeinated and non-caffeinated soaps! Just use the promo code “SHOPWRECKERS” at checkout =^_^=

Latest News

My next concert will be at F3 Convention in Branson, Missouri, on December 13-16, 2013. I am grateful to the folks at F3 for inviting me to be their Guest of Honor this year ^_^ Really looking forward to hanging out with and entertaining all of you :)

I broadcast live on Justin on Tuesday evenings from roughly 9:00 p.m. Eastern time “until I pass out,” doing a variety of stuff creating new songs and performing them, as well as chatting with the audience.

I hope to see you there! =^_^=

My latest video: