How to Register to Vote for the Fursuit Tourney using your LiveJournal Account!!!

Greetings!  Thank you for visiting this page.  The Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas is run on LiveJournal, and though it is possible to vote using other social networking sites (such as Facebook or Twitter), using a native LiveJournal account is the preferred way to register and vote.  As such, I set up this page to hopefully help those of you who would like to vote in the Fursuit Tourney using LiveJournal.  Just follow the below steps as needed, and you will be voting for and supporting your favorite fursuits in very little time! :)

1.  Visit :)

2.  Click on the big button that says "Sign up for LiveJournal now: It's fast, fun, and free!"


2.  On this page, fill out the requested information.  Create a unique username and password, and enter your email address.

3.  After creating an account, enter some information about yourself, who you are, what you are interested in, etc. If you use any other social networking sites, it would be very helpful to mention those.  Otherwise, mention something like you're a friend of Bucktown Tiger or another fursuiter in the tourney, and you went through all this trouble to create a LiveJournal account to support and vote for your favorite fursuiter :)

4.  After you click "Save and Continue" here, you will get a congratulations screen!  LiveJournal will then send an e-mail to the e-mail address you provided.  Go to your e-mail inbox, open the e-mail from LiveJournal entitled "Welcome to LiveJournal", and click the validation link provided:

5.  If you're a new LiveJournal user and you have completed all of these steps above - you will have a verified email address with your LiveJournal account, as well as a completed bio - at this point, you can skip down to step 13 below and register to vote in the Fursuit Tourney! 



However, if you have a LiveJournal account, but your e-mail address is not verified, or your profile is not completed, please follow the steps below.  First, log into your LiveJournal account at (upper right-hand corner of the page) and, once logged in, access your LiveJournal profile by clicking on the icon beside your name in the upper left corner:


6.  Once you get to your profile page, you may recognize some of the info there - LiveJournal gleaned this from your Twitter account!  If the info from your Twitter Bio and Website show up on your LiveJournal profile, then you can skip steps 7, 8, and 9 below!  However, if your Bio and Website are not listed on your LiveJournal profile, then you will need to fill them out to be approved to vote into the Fursuit Tourney.  If that's the case, find the "Basic Info" section of your profile, and click the "Edit" link there.


7.  Once on the "Edit Profile" page, feel free to fill out as much of the profile as you'd like!  Feel free to list some of your interests in the Interests field, as well as adding to your Bio if you so choose.  Fill in whatever fields you like!  However, there are two important things that you will need to fill out: the "Link" in the "Web Page" section; and your "Primary Email," under the "Contact Info" section.  We will do the Web Page first.

8.  To update your "Web Page," make sure that, in the "Web Page" section of your profile, the "Link" is filled out with a link to a social website that you use.  This could be your Twitter account page, or your FurAffinity or SoFurry or Furry4Life or other furry website that you use, or some other page.  But it needs to have a link to your page on a site that you use.  This will be used by Fursuit Tourney admins to verify your account. :)  After updating your webpage link, and any other information that you want to update on your profile (Bio, Interests, etc.), scroll to the bottom and click "Save Changes."

9.  After saving your changes, you will be taken to a confirmation page.  "Success! Your profile has been updated. What do you want to do next?"  At this point, click the link that says "Edit your profile."  We're not quite done yet... :)

10.  VERY IMPORTANT! Once you're back on the "Edit Profile" page, scroll down to the section that says "Contact Info."  You will see a section for your "Primary Email."  Click on the link that says "Change email" there.

11.  ALSO VERY IMPORTANT! Once on the "Change email" page, enter your email address in the "New email address" field, and click the "Change email address" button.

12.  STILL VERY IMPORTANT! After you click "Change email address", LiveJournal will send your email address a validation email, titled "E-mail Address Changed". Follow the instructions in the email to validate your email address (click on the link in the email to validate).



13.  After validating your email address with LiveJournal, now it's time to register to vote in the Fursuit Tourney!  Visit  to join the fursuittourney community on LiveJournal.

14.  After confirming that you would like to join, simply wait for the fursuittourney administrators to approve your request.  The admins will verify the stuff that you provided on your LiveJournal profile in steps 6-12 above, and you will receive an e-mail once the admins approve you!

15.  MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL! Go to and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!! Every vote counts. Thank you for voting! =^_^=